Henry Gold
Northern Massachusetts
Friday, 7:57 AM

Dear Internet Friends,

Let's face it, ok?

There is a REASON why marketers FAIL on making any cash selling affiliate products...

...and that reason is because they promote at the wrong time!

In fact...

"Timing is the golden key to riches"

If you miss the window of oppertunity... you are NOT going to be able to see a lot of cash coming your way. NO EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. Even as affiliate marketers used all types of medium to promote affiliate products, they barely see any sales coming their ways.

In other words, if you are selling affiliate products after the launch is over, chances are...
  • The Sales Conversion is going to drop drastically. -- Why is that? During the launch, product owners are BUSY on creating buzz. They pre-sell the audience. They tell the audience on what they are going to receive. This is WHY during the launch, the sales conversion will be at all time high. However, when the launch period is over where the juice is already running out, you pretty much are dealing with only HALF of the sales conversion you are supposed to get.

  • Your earning is ONLY based on 25% of the juice instead of a full 100% juice. -- Think about it, okay? Before iPhone 6 was released in China or other parts of the countries, people were more than willing to pay $1,500 or $2,000 for a phone. As the majority of the population has already owned an iPhone, it would be harder for a vendor to sell an iPhone even at the price of $1,000 a pop.
My point is... The money is NOT in selling other people's product after the launch. Instead, the money is earned during the GRAND opening of a launch. This is the reason WHY you need to promote affiliate products heavily on the launch date. In fact...

Here is Why You Need to Promote Affiliate Products During Product Launches:
  1. You will receive FREE publicity for your business. -- This is especially TRUE when you get into the contest leaderboard. Why is this important? Well, every successful marketer knows that if you want to be successful, you always need to surround yourself with other successful people. By receiving free publicities, it will help you to grow your business to the next level, FASTER.

  2. You have a chance to win cash contest. -- Some product owners are willing to giveaway thousands of dollars to attract affiliates to sell their products during the product launch. In other words, if you are on the TOP 5 or TOP 10, you will receive an extra few hundreds dollars cash for your business.

  3. You will be able to NETWORK with other top affiliate crusher. -- This is very crucial. WHY? It will OPEN up your door in the future. HOW? Let's just say one day, you decided to launch your own products, by NETWORKING with other top affiliate crushers, you are able to receive an extra few hundreds of few thousands copies sold in just few days.

  4. You will be able to receive up to 100% affiliate commission. -- Many product creators are willing to giveaway 100% affiliate commission accross the funnel during the cash contest. This is WHY we always say that the money is EARNED during the launch. HINT: Most product creators will lower down the commission to 50% or less after the launch period is over.
Basically, there is no trick, no secrets, and no experience needed. All you need to is focusing on creating an irresitible offer. Now, before I tell you what I did to create an irresitible offer where I CRUSH affiliate contest after affiliate contest, let me share with you what I have done so far in my business...

As you can see above, those results were from my JVZoo account. In fact, you can even contact JVZoo support or E Brian Rose to verify whether the results are accurate or not. :-)

My point of showing you the results are... "I don't just talk about things, I show them to you based on the result I have done from selling other people products.. This allows you to see through exactly what you need to do to CRUSH affiliate launches in the shortest time possible."

We break down each step based on what you need to do first and what you need to do next. This allows you to master the steps you need to do to become an Affiliate Crusher as soon as possible. This is the reason WHY we have decided to introduce...

As you can see above, Affiliate Crusher 2.0 is a complete meaty course, full of flow charts, roadmap, and insider secrets I have been holding quietly to keep crushing other people launches anytime I choose to. It is also the course where I share a step-by-step process in comprehensive 200-minute videos on what I did from A to Z to CRUSH affiliate contests.

You will learn from the baby steps on what you need prior to do prior to promoting affiliate products. This includes some preparations that you need to follow to create a powerful relationship with your audience, utilize impulse buying strategy, irresitible offer, choose the right bonuses to giveaway, and all the steps you need to CRUSH JV contests. This will ultimately help you to get "READY" on become TOP 10 affiliates on ANY product launches you wish to promote. PERIOD.

(Yep, you can even say that I hold NOTHING BACK on sharing you
all my strategies to CRUSH affiliate contests. PERIOD!)

As you are ready, here is EXACTLY what you are going to get:

Once you master the techniques I have shared with you on these ten modules, you are pretty much ready to launch your product on JVZoo. It is that simple. :-)

Let's be honest. I am giving you such a great deal for purely selfish motives, but I know you don't mind.

I am taking a big risk here to tell you the secret that I use to build my business, where I could just be another shark. So why should I put my neck out there?

Well, a few reasons ...

1. I want you to become one of our strong strategic alliances.

In the last few months, my teams have been working very hard to find strong strategic alliances.

However, most of them are either weak or not capable enough to produce significant amounts of traffic to our site.

By giving you the guidance through this underground secret, we are able to have you as one of strongest alliances, where we are able to promoting each other website on a regular basis.

On top of that, we are also going to help YOU in anyway we could on your conversion, business strategy, and much more. This way, you are able to take your business to the next level.

In addition, we are also going to help your sales conversion to make sure your website will convert at least THREE TIMES better than your current sales conversion.


When we continue to see the strength on our strategic alliances, we will also arrange to send traffic to your website via our blog and other traffic sources, where we are confident to send you MASSIVE TRAFFIC your way.

Why do you want to do this, Henry?

I am always looking to help other marketers where we are able to grow each other business. In other words, I am always looking for marketers with passion to work together with me on taking our business to the next level in the years to come.

2. I am tired of million dollar ideas.

In the last few months, the vision of my company has shifted from $1,000,000 business to $1,000,000,000 (Yes! $1 Billion).

This is because I have sold millions of dollars in products and services. It also means I won't compete with you to earn $1,000 or $5,000 per month.

I have given many million dollar ideas to my colleagues and friends, where they can use it right away.

There is no exception on this underground package.

You are basically learning those secrets that I used to use to take my business to the next level.

See what I am really up to?

You probably won't know precisely how this step-by-step blueprint will benefit you, but we are very confident your head will be spinning full of ideas, in which you will think I am crazy to give away so much information on this complete package.

3. We are pretty sure you will be delighted.

Ok, here's our real "Tight-lipped" reason for doing this.

Let's try to be honest in here.

If I said to you that I really care about you so much, do you really believe it?

Well, most of you say "NO" for sure. -:)

However, if I tell you the truth that I want you to come back for more, will you do it?

Well, it depends on how this package will help you, right?


You see, we're dead serious about giving you the highest value on every thing we give away.

This is because we know that we want you to keep coming back for more from us.

It's that simple.

We've addressed this enough:

A. We're Over-delivering Like Crazy.

B. We are giving you all these raw techniques that other marketers won't dare to share with you.

C. We want you to come back for more new raw techniques to build a million dollar business in the future.

This is how we do it in business. This is exactly what I want you to feel when you learn those strategies that we have provided to you on this powerful package.

Are you ready to grab your package?

As I want you to start CRUSHING Product Launches ASAP, I want to make sure that you have all the necessary resources and support to really take your launch to the next level.

This way, you can fight like the gorilla and maximizing your affiliate cash in a shortest time possible. This is the reason I have decided to give you four exclusive bonuses (Worth $788) for a limited time:

As we really want to build your business we have decided to run a 7-day special offer where you can get everything we have mentioned above including the bonuses for a very low price:

The Special Offer Price is $7
That's Right. It is NOT $997 or $47

It is $7 (Seven Bucks) But, as we are utilizing a DIME SALE method where the price will increase with every sale, I can't guarantee that the price will remain the same after an hour. It means that you really need to get it NOW.

Grab Your Copy Now:

LORDAQ Crush Product Launches 2.0

Now, if you are one of those guys who is sitting in front of your computer who keeps wondering whether you should spend 7 getting the Affiliate Crusher 2.0 Complete Step-by-Step Blueprint, let me help you do the math.

These days a measly 7 dollars is nothing. Even if you go out with a date for one day, you could easily spend $100 without even realizing it. You may remember way back when a luncheon special cost a $1, but those days are over gramps.

Let's Take a Look At How Little $7 is...

Let's compare what $10 means to you when you take your date to your house for the cheap dinner. Even last time, when one marketer treated me, it cost him over $200 (For a three hour dinner).

Let's imagine that you've cleaned your room, living room. You borrowed your friends HDTV to impress your date. You asked your cousin for the car. You researched hard for the cheapest take out Chinese food in your town.

What will it really cost you to spend a nice four hours with a beautiful girl?

Let's Compare The Affiliate Crusher 2.0 Complete Blueprint to
Your Cheap Date Adventure in your house

With the gas prices spiking all the time. $5 in gas is not enough. You need at least 1/3 of the tank full to make sure your date can get back home. This way, you are not letting your roomate know that your date stayed in your house.
Chinese Foods
You ordered Beef with Brocolli, the Peking Ravioli, chiken wings, and shrimp fried rice. It should be plenty to make a candle light lunch with your date.
Red Wine
Get it really cheap from your local liquor store. Liquid makes the date more romantic if you know what I mean.
Ice Cream
Like what they say... Regardless how full your date will be after she eats her lunch, she will always have room for Ice Cream. You bought one before she is starting to want a supper with you. Great Move.
A Rose
Your last move: Impress your date with the word "LOVE". Flowera are every womans dream. You bought a $2 rose from the convenient store and tell her how much you love her before she leaves your apartment. Great Job!

Total Cost for the cheap date: U$ 51

Take a look at it this way, even a cheap date costs much more than this complete step-by-step blueprint. Why not, use this opportunity to learn the techniques and make massive cash crash other people launches right now.

Instead of just taking your date to your house, by learning those strategies that Henry shared with you on Affiliate Crusher 2.0, you are able to take your date to a 5 star restaurant, without even worrying about your financial situation.

So, if you really aren't hurting for cash and those McDonald's Burgers mean so much to you, you should probably pass on this package.

But, really, who cares what we think, right?

Let these people tell you what type of results they are getting out of the package...

"WOW what a great package. I have been studying
my notes on your list building strategies and
JV secrets, strategies, and mistakes.

This is solid knowledge that I am already beginning to successfully implement in my own business.
Thanks for the GREAT advice."
Mark Call

"Your information was like a light bulb going off in my head and instead of the wheels just spinning the cogs started to mesh on how to put together a campaign that would build me a responsive list (I know, I know "the money is in the list"). Keep up the excellent work, looking forward to more of the them in the future."
Chris Layton, Australia

"I have gone through to many "how to" packages without getting anything of real value from them. However for the first time I really got great information I needed from your package. You gave out important tips on how to approach someone to do a joint venture which I haven't heard before. Thank you very much"
Rico Caveglia

Are You Ready?

Of Course You Are.

I Have To Mention One More Thing

I want you to be as confident as I am. With so much hype on the Internet, where many people say they will deliver valuable products to you, but in reality they never do. This is the reason I came up with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on product delivery or your money back.

In fact, To ensure that your satisfied with no skepticism on what you are going to receive out of this complete package, I want to give you...

Now, go ahead and grab the Affiliate Crusher 2.0...

YES! Please let me access to Affiliate Crusher 2.0 right now. I am just MORE than ready to CRUSH product launches.

I'd have to be crazy to miss special "market test" offer! And I understand how much of a tremendous value the complete JVZoo Crusher 2.0 is for only $7...

I also understand that my one-time investment of $7 will be repaid over and over again...multiple times faster when I take action on these proven and tested marketing strategies.

I understand that I will also receive FOUR exclusive bonuses, worth $688.00, to help expedite my process on CRUSHING product launches ASAP.

I also know that I have nothing to lose, considering that you are generous enough to give me a FULL 30 DAYS REFUND if I do not think the information in Affiliate Crusher 2.0 will take my online business to the next level.

Regular Price $197.00
LORDAQ Crush Product Launches 2.0

(You will receive Access Immediately, even if it is at 2 AM)

It is $7 (Seven Bucks) But, as we are utilizing a DIME SALE method where the price will increase with every sale, I can't guarantee that the price will remain the same after an hour. It means that you really need to get it NOW.

(Make sure you check out the special above, once we have enough "takers"
we'll increase the price right away.)


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